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Video 13

Dental implants were placed with the use of classical surgery, until now. That encompassed making an incision, implant placement and surgical stitching.
Computer guided implantology gives us a totally different approach to implant placement. No incisions, not swelling and no pain. The patients go home immediately and the postoperative procedure is infinitely easier. The patients can return to their everyday lives.

Video 12

Patient came to our clinic looking to solve the problem with his upper and lower jaw. We decided to deal with the upper jaw first, and then to take care of the lower jaw in the second phase.
We placed 7 Nobel Biocare Implants in the upper jaw, and after a couple of months we added 14 non metal zirconium ceramic crowns, as it is shown in the video. The patient is more than satisfied with his new smile.

Video 11

The patient contacted us with the desire to finally get fixed dentures that would not fall out of the mouth. After the 3D orthopantogram analysis, we explained to the patient that it is not possible to make fixed dentures, but instead we offered acrylic clip-on dentures – dentures clipped on to 4 implants (the patient had enough bone structure only for implants in the front region of both jaws). After the implant grew into the bone, it was time to clip on the dentures and you can see the whole procedure in the video.

Video 10

The patient had 14 metal ceramic crowns and 8 implants done the year before and had gotten some specific instructions about dental hygiene and maintenance. Dental hygiene around permanent crowns and implants is not simple and requires some effort on the patient’s part. After a year, the patient visited us for a routine check-up and we were pleasantly surprised by the way he had dedicated himself to dental hygiene in the past year.

Video 9

Patient came to us from Rijeka to solve problem with her teeth. Besides the periodontal disease present with this patient, there was also a loss of upper lateral teeth.
She was advised to underwent to Lateral Sinus Lift procedure, on the left and the right side, but it was done only right sinus lift, so on the left side we made a compromise and final implant is placed in the “Tuber”.
Tuber is the last part of the upper jaw where the bone is very soft and it is risky to place implants in that region. It is always preferable to do Sinus Lift if needed.
Unfortunately, that implant showed during the opening as an implant that did not integrate, was left still in the bone, and is not used for prosthetic work. We resorted to an alternative embodiment in the form of shortening dental arch and releasing of a suspension part.
Although the patient was aware of the risks and agreed with the procedure, it was still one uncomfortable situation we always want to avoid.
However, the patient was satisfied and went home with a new smile.

Video 8

Huguette came all the way from Switzerland in search of a great smile. The language barrier between us hasn’t stopped her from seeking our help, nor has it stopped us from providing it. Now we have one more happy patient and a friend in our office – and we are slowly learning French!

Video 7

If you’re surprised by the number of our patients that take long trips, cross oceans and continents in order to solve their dental problems in Cvejanović clinic, the case of Mirjana Žutić from Canada will best disclose why that is. Žutić family doesn’t have relatives in Belgrade, so that was one of the reasons why they’ve decided for Cvejanović clinic because we offer free transport to and from the airport and finding hotel accommodation for our patients. Mirjana had periodontitis, she started treatment in Canada, but didn’t want to pay 62.000 dollars, amount that was requested by dentists in Canada, and she wasn’t even satisfied with the work done. Coming to Serbia paid off far more, and she was treated “better than she was a part of family”.

Video 6

Not even a trip 7.000 kilometres long is too much when you’re searching for the perfect smile, Mijo Paraice knew that, so after an internet research of dentist clinics in Canada, Croatia and Serbia he chose Cvejanović clinic in order to solve his dental issues. Mijo wasn’t satisfied with the appearance of his teeth and he wanted to have non-metal crowns, but he feared that his teeth won’t look natural. Photos of Cvejanovic clinic patients assured him that a natural smile is possible with non-metal crowns, so we fixed the look of Mijo’s teeth and he got the smile that everyone deserves.

Video 5

Primarily, it was predicted for the patient to wear braces. Having rejected the option of wearing a fixed prosthesis, we decided to create metal-ceramic crowns in the upper jaw and the result is more than acceptable, but not ideal. It is important that Alisa is pleased with results, but we have tried our best to do it right and to find a compromise to solve the problem as efficiently as possible.

Video 4

Dental crowns placement is the most common procedure for patients who choose Clinic Cvejanović, and this procedure was the right choice for Branka Margauas too. The whole team at the clinic left an excellent impression on the patient, so the procedure wasn’t troubling for her, and at the end, she got a smile with which she was completely satisfied.

Video 3

Milica desired brightly white teeth for a long time, and after she came to our clinic it was agreed that this effect should be reached by installing 20 facets. Results are best seen in the video because the patient simply cannot stop smiling. She finally got the thing she yearned for ages – a perfect smile!

Video 2

The patient came with a great fear at the thought of a dentist and a desire to install implants. In consultation with the patient, we decided to perform interventions in intravenous sedation with the presence of an anesthesiologist. Her experience was great, and thanks to the sedative administered in intravenous sedation patient do not remember of the intervention itself.

Video 1

Meet Aleksandar – he came to us with the desire to finally provide him a normal smile. The patient had a congenital cleft lip and after a large number of surgeries solving the dental situation was due on the schedule. Initially we advised wearing of dental braces, but the patient was not interested in this solution. One of the reasons for that was the presence of deciduous teeth, which were removed before the prosthetic rehabilitation. We opted for the extraction of milk teeth in the upper jaw and the creation of all-ceramic crowns and bridges instead of extracted deciduous teeth. Prosthetic solution of the lower jaw is to be resolved later.