Dental crowns

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When are dental crowns necessary?

Together with the implants placements, dental crowns placement is the most common procedure for patients who choose Clinic Cvejanovic. There are different prosthetic ways for rehabilitating patients without implants and those most commonly used are dental crowns and ceramic veneers.

In this section, which discusses dental crowns, you can learn more about dental bridges, because the placement of crowns and bridges, although different interventions in method, have two important similarities – in both cases, artificial materials are placed over the natural teeth or their
parts, and a specific adjustment is necessary, ie. grinding teeth so the tooth can receive an upgrade. Likewise, placement of bridges and crowns is often combined for the patients, and both methods are combined with the implant placement. The number of new dental crowns is obtained by adding teeth on which future ceramic veneers and porcelain teeth in dental bridges will be placed.

Dental crowns play an important functional and aesthetic role. Placing crowns on truncated or thinned teeth will completely rehabilitate them, convenience is such that people do not feel that they even wear any crowns, and the functionality is similar to implants – the usability of natural teeth is approximately 90%, so that all but the toughest food can be eaten. Maintenance is a breeze, identical to that of natural teeth. In preparing dental crowns steel or fiberglass upgrades are sometimes used for strengthening devitalized teeth, because they eventually become brittle and can break.

Dental crowns can be used only on teeth with healthy roots, which are quite stable. Crowns completely cover the visible surface of the tooth so that the tooth with a crown looks like the best natural tooth, ie. as a quality artificial tooth, especially if non-metal crowns are used, because they are formed by a computer. When dental crowns or bridges are combined with implants it is impossible to visually determine the difference between these three types of implants / upgrades. Dental crowns are favorable than implants, but they are not competing with implants because, considering the placement of implants, on the teeth indicated for extraction the crowns can not be placed.


  • What is the difference between dental crowns and dental veneers and covers?

    The function of dental crowns is explained in the text above, while ceramic veneers are a solution that is applied when there is a presence of all the teeth in the jaw. Dental ceramic veneers are used when you need to change the color of natural teeth, correct less severe irregularities in the shape and position of teeth, close gaps between natural teeth or straighten smaller damage of the teeth. Other cases, such as the lack of teeth, old ceramic dental crowns, poor condition of teeth and bite problems as a result of tooth loss are only resolved with dental ceramic covers. When a patient already has ceramic dental crowns or bridge it is not possible to make ceramic dental veneers, but only new ceramic dental covers or dental bridges.